18 Witty Office Notes Is De Facto Jaw Dropping! #17 Is Way Too Creepy!


We absolutely put office notes, some of them keep it inspirational while others keep it as artistic. Only a few people full of desperation and amusement place funny jaw-dropping notes at the office, much like you will get the wind here. Places funny notes at the office, much like you will see here. While we couldn’t blow off steam by slobbering over hot customers or dealing out with co-workers, we found ways to make ourselves laugh.

Funny Office notes are essential to our survival at the work. Here are some jaw-dropping office notes that will chuckle you out.

1. A lady placing this line seems too lustful; Lady please, work while working and play while playing!

jaw dropping office notes

2. Can food thief even steal these things, truly?


3. Yes, sure co-workers are manifested for handling your blunders.


4. Have you arrived at your planning chart? If no, then get yourself inspired with this rollicking strategic suggestion.



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