Woman Uses Her Cousin’s Hand In The Engagement Photograph


Woman uses her cousin’s hand in the engagement photograph since she ‘didn’t have her nails done.

In a series of photos shared on Twitter, Jenna from Melbourne, Australia. Her cousin can be seen kneeling alongside the couple. There is her hand with red manicured nails outstretched in front of their faces. Moreover, she puts the woman’s engagement ring for the picture.

Engagement Photograph
The first photograph shows a close-up of the couple’s faces, where apparently Jenna’s hand wearing the wedding band has a place with her cousin.

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Since Jenna shared the photographs on the Twitter handle @goodgaljenjen, the post has accumulated more than 158,000 retweets and 660,000 likes. The caption to the post reads: “My cousin’s boyfriend proposed to her but she didn’t have her nails done lmao.” Numerous users commented on the post to state they didn’t at first noticed anything incorrectly in the main picture, and congratulated Jenna on her quick wit. One of many readers wrote, “You are a real cousin for that one. You are what Kendrick and Rihanna sung about Loyalty.” And another comment say, “Not all heroes wear capes.”

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While other people commenting on the post shared their worries about not having a manicure when their partner proposes. They say, “There is a lesson here. When a person is ready to propose, you must make sure that your partner’s hands are in a condition that also says I’m ready.” While someone say, “My husband suggested I pamper myself and get a manicure the night before he proposed. I should have known something was up.”

In a thread,

Jenna gave more insight into the comical moment. She clarifies that her cousin, Diana, is a medical attendant and “never has her nails done.” Her sweetheart, José, would not like to request that Diana get a nail treatment. That could have made her suspicious. Rather, he persuaded Diana “that the festival was for his parent’s wedding celebration. Before jumping on his knees and uncovering that it was all truly for her.” Twitter clients couldn’t get enough of the photographs. They applauded Jenna for venturing up. Moreover for helping her cousin seem respectable in the engagement photographs.

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