12 Ziplock Bag Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easy


We have quite familiar with the capabilities of a ziplock bag. However, most of its uses are limited to storage of food. There are certain life hacks that we can achieve with these ziplock bags. These hacks sometimes may turn out to be extremely helpful.

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Here are 12 Ziplock Bag Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easy

1. Put the wet washcloth in a ziplock bag. This can be used as an eco-friendly wet wipe.

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2. Chargers, earphones, headphones and other various accessories of a similar type often get tangled up. You can use ziplock bags to organize and sort them. You can put all the wired gadgets of one type, say chargers, in one ziplock bag and then put a sticker on it. With this hack, you can easily find something whenever necessary without them getting tangled.

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3. If you do not have a water resistant phone and you need to go out in rain, you can put it in a ziplock bag and seal it. With this method, you will not only save your phone from water but also view the display.

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4. While traveling put every day’s clothes in ziplock bags. It will be easy for you to find the clothes. Also, once used, you can put the dirty clothes in the same bags. This will double their usage.

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5. Mount your phone to the seat in front of you by putting it in a ziplock bag and hanging it via a hook. This will let you watch videos hands-free.

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