Roommates Who Make Your Life Hell


Life as an adult or a pre-adult is really hard. People have to go through a lot to just grow up with proper education. Everyone has a sweet nice house where they took birth, lived most of their lives with their family and that’s the house you have for your life. But, at some point for some reason or the other you have to move out, sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently. That’s when you want to rent a house or a room or something similar. In case you’re rich enough, you might just take whatever you want for yourself but when you’re not, you need roommates. So, you split the bills and hence nothing is too costly for anyone of them. It doesn’t always happen that roommates have great compatibility and that you’ll always have no flaws. Some roommates are equal to satan and make your lives hell.

Below are some roommates who make your life hell:

Looks like someone moved in right away.


And it will only look like this, the reality is sometimes disappointing. This is the luggage pile-up of 2 months and she hasn’t even unpacked yet.

The best quality toothbrushes.

Seriously, who makes their brushes like this. Like use them and throw them, you don’t have to use them until every bristle comes out.

Using the toothpaste.

One of the most irritating and gross things someone can always do.

Haloween was last month.

The roommate hasn’t gotten rid of his pumpkin yet.

The cleanliness of this room surprises me.


Just have a simple segment of order in your room and don’t make it a huge trashcan goddamnit!

Roommate bought vegetables and kept them in the refrigerator.

This is a photo from 2 months later when it was taken out.

What’s under the bed may stay under it.

Left the room and now I have to deal with this sh1t.

How to use pans.

Some people just don’t understand that metal utensils aren’t supposed to be used in nonstick pots.

Just throw the trash!


Rather than piling it up and delaying the inevitable.

When your roommate receives your food and you complain to the restaurant you haven’t.



Hopefully, this helps someones understand the food wasn’t for them.


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