130 Year Old Images Of Samurai Warriors You Just Can’t Miss!!!


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#4 A group of Samurai Warriors!

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In the picture, a group of Samurai Warriors can be seen with their arms and armor. Not only did the warrior’s emphasis on martial arts, honor, loyalty and frugality, but also they evolved to fierce family pride, a senseless devotion to master and man along with stress heroic bravery. Devoting majority to their time to combat, they use to fight to either get killed or kill the enemy. They would devote everything that they had to fight until there is a conclusion of the fight.

#5 A shop of the 19th century

Samurai warriors old images

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The picture shows us a traditional shop of the 19th century and three women can be seen along with a Samurai Warrior. The photograph was taken by the famous photographer Felice Beato.
#6 War Photograph

Samurai warriors old images
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With heavy swords as their main weapon, the Samurai Warriors also had arrows, bows, guns and spears to fight the enemies. The Samurai Warriors always thought lightly about themselves and deeply about the world, a majority of the warriors also believed that when they are following a way they just should not be afraid of dying. The picture is said to be one of the first- way pictures and was taken by Felice Beato back in 1862. 


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