10 Shocking Truth About What Men Think Happens During Childbirth


Men have a lot of misconceptions about the female body and just like other misconceptions, they are confused about the childbirth too. Due to these misconceptions, men tend to panic more during childbirth as compared to their wife who’s actually pushing out a human from her vagina. It’s normal for men, nowadays to be present during childbirth and they develop some false notion about the childbirth and what happens during childbirth.

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So let clear all those misconceptions about what men think happens during childbirth and let’s put all the things right for them!

1.There is going to be poop all over the table

This is the craziest misconception all men have about giving birth. Yes, she has to apply a lot of pressure but that surely doesn’t mean that she is going to poop all over the table.

What Men Think Happens During Childbirth

2.She is going to remember and scream all the horrible things you did since you both met

That’s exactly why you are there with them, guys! She is going to target you and yell all the things you have done bad to her. Instead of believing that your partner is targeting you, be a little supportive. She’s clearly in a terrible amount of pain, so holding it against her isn’t going do you any good.

What Men Think Happens During Childbirth

3.Everyone around you is yelling

Everything is chaotic and everyone around you is yelling. Even the doctors and nurse are screaming, despite the fact that they’ve done this kind of thing thousands of times.

What Men Think Happens During Childbirth


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