16 Savage Texts By Parents That Will Make You Go ROFL!


Who thought our parents could be so savage while texting? If not ours, there are actually a few parents who knocked their kids off with their funny, witty and savage texts!

Check out the article to find such hilarious savage texts by parents!

1. Alright. True enough, that a father knows his daughter unlike anyone else! However, the poor girl was just trying to be nice. This shouldn’t have happened to her. But, never mind, maybe he was just kidding. Who knows!


2. Oh, well-o-well! Was this mom pissed off at her kid? Receiving this savage as anything text would probably have given the child a shock. Poor kid.


3. This is what happens when your mom knows your deep dark secrets well and have got the amazing wits to turn her texts into something so savage as this.


4. Oops! The outfit of the day didn’t turn out to as good as he had thought it would. And to add some to the injury, the mother calls him a strawberry ice cream cone dipped in chocolate. LOL!


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