15 Little Flirty Things A Guy Does If He Really Likes You!#9 is Adorable


There are times when a guy does little flirty things for you. Sometimes guys just don’t let you know directly what they feel about you. They beat around the bush so you need to read into their actions and body language to know if they really like you. If a guy is really into you or like you, he will do little flirty things in a subtle way to give you hints that he has some feelings for you. So girls, you must be prepared to know and read these signs he gives you.

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Below are some of the little flirty things a guy does if he really likes you. Check them out!
Maybe your man or someone who likes you does it too.

1.He replies to your texts instantly

If a guy really likes you he will try to be prompt with his replies. He obviously doesn’t want to you to wait or think that he isn’t interested in having a conversation with you.
flirty things guy does


2.He asks you a lot of questions

He asks questions like What do you like to eat? Which is your favorite ice cream? Where did you grow up? What is your favorite color? Which is your favorite eating out place? He asks them to know you better. It is important for him to know the answers to questions like these to understand.
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3.And he remembers these little things

He actually listens to you and remembers all the small details and answers to the questions.
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