25 Times People Realized How Dumb Their Partners Actually Were!


When you love someone truly you accept that person with all their flaws. You even try to ignore their mistakes and deal with a lot of things that you may not have accepted otherwise. But, there is obviously a limit to everything, and when you realize how dumb your partner is, it is often too late!

These people realized how dumb their partners are only after they had to deal with this level of stupidity of their partners!

1. I’m sure he is definitely gonna regret ever asking her to cook for Thanksgiving or any other occasion ever again. How does someone manage to burn the cookbook as well?

2. She complained that she couldn’t find the scratch code underneath, and you thought that you were stupid?
dumb3. She actually managed to swallow tweezers. Honestly, homo sapiens never cease to amaze me!
dumb4. If you’ve ever heard of the phrase, “painting yourself into a corner” you’ve just seen a live example of what it means.
dumb5. This mom just bought two matching t-shirts, oh well, you’ve got to get a taste of irony at some point, so why not start early?
6. She was worried about the “helicopter” sign turning on in her truck, well, lady, panic is definitely not an option right now!
dumb7. She broke her screen and when her boyfriend asked her for a picture to take a look at how bad it was, she sent him this. Yep, time to send your girl to school.
dumb8. So, a timer is a better replacement for an alarm? I’m confused, oh wait, she’s just stupid.
dumb9. If you don’t run now, you definitely will end up in bigger trouble than just not finding Louie’s!
dumb10. He proposed his girlfriend and he dropped the ring, way to do bud!
dumb11. Apparently, his wife was too innocent to find a Chucky mask to scare the kids. Better luck next Halloween man!
dumb12. She was holding the plate upside down the whole time and couldn’t figure out what “Oh. Oy. Oh.” meant.
dumb13. The smell doesn’t always get you the right product. All you had to do was read the bottle that read BLEACH!
dumb14. I’m just trying to understand the fact that how long was she pressing the remote underneath to leave such a prominent impression on her?
15. That is not where you keep the freezer bags, buddy!

16. Her husband asked her to set a reminder on the phone, apparently, they had two different versions of setting a reminder on mind.
17. Okay, even she realized that this was way too dumb. She didn’t even plug the TV to an outlet!
18. So, his friend had sent him a picture of his new truck and his friend’s gf wanted to know what was there a waffle house on the back of the truck. Yup, I know what you’re feeling!
19. That is just hilarious!
20. So, she thought this was the right way to get things done.
21. How silly is too much silly?
22. Dumb doesn’t even begin to cover this!
23. She thought this was palm leaves printed on it.

24. He thought this was a cat hanger!
25. She thought that this contained so much sodium in it that they had to write OMG!


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