“Pics I Take Of Him Vs Pics He Takes Of Me” 25 Girls Post Epic Comparisons!


Let’s face it, boyfriends are a lost cause when it comes to taking pictures, (photographer boyfriends please consider yourself excluded from the list, thank you!). You can literally do somersaults to get him a perfect picture, candids and work out pictures. But, as soon as it is his turn, he manages to, oh well, how do I put this politely, F it up! So, ladies, we feel your pain and these girls do too, so watch these epic comparisons and relate, or cry.

These girls share the hilariously epic comparisons of “Pics I Take Of Him Vs Pics He Takes Of Me” and we can relate all too well!

1. To begin with, all boyfriends lack the capability of clicking a good picture of their partner.

2. Seriously, what were you trying to capture, mate?

3. So, she had to take another pic of him because it wasn’t “good enough”.

4. Seriously, that hurts, for real!

5. She legit made him look like he’s in a music video, and he…

6. At least wait for her to fix herself, what’s with men and patience?

7. Do you people do this on purpose?

8. That is just absolutely the worst time to click a photo, believe me.

9. And here we have another lad who literally sucks at taking pictures.

10. Um, did you honestly think that this was a good photo?
epic comparisons
11. Wow, for her. She really has amazing photo taking skills. As for the guy, join the gang.
epic comparisons
12. Why do you keep doing this to us?
epic comparisons
13. Seriously, would it hurt too much to not click such awkward photos of us?
epic comparisons
14. Oh, hello, that is a whole new level of, “boyfriends can’t click nice photos”.
epic comparisons
15. They seriously need a training school.
epic comparisons
16. If you think this is okay, there’s something wrong with your brains!
epic comparisons
17. Don’t even try the next time.
epic comparisons
18. How do they manage to click us in such weird poses? I’m telling you, there is a hidden motive.
epic comparisons
19. Nope, nah, not happening.
epic comparisons
20. She makes you look irresistible, you make her look like a drunk.
epic comparisons
21. Honestly, why?
epic comparisons
22. And, you thought this was gonna look good, because?
epic comparisons
23. This one is still acceptable.

24. Whoa! You need help buddy.

25. Why the blurry faces?


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