20 Amazing Sculptures Made From Nothing But Only Pieces Of Woods Found On Beach


Nature is a great place to find wonder and beaches are the best places to do so. The cold breeze, and the sand and the sea, the sun touching the sea is one of the best feelings in the world. We have seen many sand sculptures on the beaches and they’re quite amazing. But, have you ever encountered a wooden sculpture? Jeffro Uitto is an artist who makes wooden sculptures from wood pieces found on the beach. His sculptures are really amazing and don’t at all look like scrap collections.

Below are some of the best sculptures made by Jeffro Uitto:

Jeffro Uitto goes by the name “Knock on Wood” on social media.


He can mold wood into any share or form he lives and his work over the years has made him even better.

Jeffro mostly uses the wood found on the beaches in Washington State, USA.


He terms the wood as “Nature’s Leftovers”.

Uitto also has a website of himself where he posts his art.

He sells his sculpture as well to make some extra money.


And they are well worth every penny people pay to get them.

This reminds me of the Narnia gate.

sculpturesUitto never decides what he’s going to make with what he gets!

He has a basic outline but not final result in his mind, he just goes on with it.


The main reason for it is the availability of what he gathers.

And after the assembling, they look really great.

The main type of wood Uitto uses is driftwood.


Driftwood is really hard but it looks great.

sculpturesJeffro believes that each object he makes and uses has its own life.


He also has his shop near the historic Tokeland Hotel.

And he’s a really humble guy when you meet him.

A chair I’m too excited to sit on.


Sometimes, people do photoshoots with his sculptures as well.

In all, he’s worth the appreciation.


His carving techniques are one of a kind and the way he depicts mysterious beauty is just out of this world.

This is one bed I want to sleep on facing the sea.



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