10 90’s School Memories That Will Remind You of The Happier Times


7. Passing Notes In Class

school memories
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Before cell phones and texting, students used a primitive form of messaging during school hours called “passing notes.” The art of passing notes was a high-stakes, and oftentimes hilarious game. Everyone had a different tactic for trying to sneak a carefully folded slip of paper to their friend’s desk. These little messages made class actually kinda fun. Entire romantic relationships were started by circling “yes” or “no” if you liked someone, and passing back the paper!

8. Kinos Snacks

school memories
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We all love the simple snacks and titbits from Kinos, a Malaysian snack manufacturing company established way back eating in between of class perfect school memory. Kaka, Tora and Ding Dang were the most popular choices, not to mention the jelly cups with various flavors too. Oh yes, these Kino snacks can still be found in the supermarkets today.


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