A 6 Year Old Kid Bought a 55 Crore House!


Kids nowadays are going places and being way better than what we used to be. They’re all getting smarter, more intelligent, also better and more tec friendly with time. Some little kids are even so good at what they do that they are earning money for it since a very small age. These are the kids that always have a bright future ahead of them and then there are some kids who already earn millions with their popularity and talents. There’s this 6-year-old kid who’s a YouTuber and you might know her as well. This little kid has earned so much money from YouTube that she has purchased a house worth 55 Crore with her money! This little girl is the example we all must follow in life for ultimate success.

Below are the details of this 6-year-old kid:

Boram is the name of the YouTube channel.


This channel is run by this 6-year-old named Boram as well, who lives in Seoul with her family.

Boram is a toy reviewer.


What she basically does is play with toys and rate them just like any other automobile or tech review channel.

She has 13.6 Million subscribers on YouTube.

She is one of the most subscribed YouTubers as well as one of the most paid.

Boram’s family bought a house in Seoul from the earnings of her channel.

The house they bought is 5 stories tall and is in the primary location of the city. It is very costly just like you might have expected.

$8 million or Rs. 55 Crore is the worth of the property.


It is situated exactly in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam which is one of the poshest locations in Seoul as well.

The property is 258.3-square-meter wide.


The family gained sole ownership of the property on reportedly April 3 this year.

Boram has two YouTube channels.


Just like most YouTubers, Boram also has one main channel namely Boram Tube ToysReview and one Vlog channel that documents daily life named Boram Tube Vlog.

Overall, she has a combined fan following of 17.5 million.

And that’s just on YouTube excluding all the other social media.

Her estimated monthly revenue is $3.1 million.

Which is really too much for a 6-year-old. Toy reviewing business is really amazing if you see other top YouTubers like Ryan Toys Review as well.

Check out some of her videos.



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