These Adorable Comics About Married Couple Illustrated By An Artist Are So Crazy


An  illustrator Pete Duff-field designed craziest comic characters regarding the married couple with a baby everyday relationships.He is comic artist and character designer who says living with his wife  Kellie and his daughter is a daily domestic adventure.

Marriage is all about building the love day to day and growing old together.It takes lots of efforts for a couple to manage every single task. Being pregnant to nurturing  a child is a beautiful journey. However, every day is a fun day and  every moment is precious. Every single act of the couple shows love and caring towards each other.Every single act is so perishable.

Every little daily activity  motivated him and inspired him to create his daily life in a form of comics.This couple on Instagram has a huge following .Their poppy is growing along with Insta family.

This beautiful couple and their comics are setting relationship goals  and family goals for everyone.These couple comics are going viral in the social media.

1.The Kindness Of Strangers

Once Pette bought a Easter snow globe which excited her but she dropped her accidentally. By watching her sober face a stranger bought a cup cake for Poppy.


2.Father’s Love

Every day when Pete goes to office poppy wants cuddling.


3.Window Of The Childhood

Crossing the payment without touching the cracks is an achievement in the childhood.


4.Healing Power

After a tired /worried day  her touch is a healing power.


5.Rubbish Wink

Kelli is rubbish at winking (we can see that).


6.Face Time

Whene Kielle visits her mom’s home.


7. Hot Water Bottle

Regardless the climate Kielle’s temperature is always hot.


8.The Shadow

When Poppy noticed the shadow for the first time.


9.The Shadow

When poppy noticed the shadow for the first time.


10.This Not Happening

The picture says all about it.



Here are some of the collections from their comics.Do let us know in the what is your relatable comics.


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