19 Amazing Lipstick Hacks To Make Your Lips Smexy!


We all girls need to know some basic lipstick hacks, don’t we?! Every woman has at least 3-4 lipsticks that they can’t use because of some or the other reason! If you want to know how to use them and solve your basic lipstick problems, you are at the right stoppage girls!

We have some great lipstick hacks for you women out there! There are a hell lot of things you can do with your lipstick. Make the maximum use of it by knowing these lipstick hacks!

Go check them out and make use of these lipstick hacks to get those beautiful lips!

1.Keep the lipstick off your teeth:
When we use lipstick we often face this problem. We get the lipstick on the teeth. To remove it put one finger in your mouth and wrap your lips around it like pouting. Pull the finger out and you are good to go!
lipstick hacks


2.Lipstick as a blush:
Take your favorite lip color and apply it on the apple of your cheeks. Blend it in a circular motion and you are done! You have a new blush now.

lipstick hacks


3.As an eyeshadow:
Just apply the lipstick on your eyes and blend it like you blend your eyeshadow!
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