Answer EXes – 12 Witty Ways of Handling Texts From Your Ex Like A Total Pro!


A broken heart is very difficult to mend. And when exes come to convince, out of their own needs or even regrets, the situation becomes worse. In this case, one should deal with this condition smartly and keep the emotions aside for the time being. All you have to gather is your comic skills and hidden talents in expressing sarcasm while you answer exes.

Here are some demonstrations by which you can answer exes in a funny and deserving way so that he or she can know your worth at the fullest

  1. A Perfect Advice

answer exes

Have you ever wondered that an advice can also lead to a potential hazard? The answer can be affirmative when the advice comes from an ex.


  2. A song Like This!

Wow! What a choice of song! Kudos for the clever and skillful response and the extra sweetness, too 😀 You really gotta answer exes this way!Answer exes


   3. Give Some Time

There should always be some remaining space for breathing otherwise it can lead to abusive words. Therefore, beware.

answer exes


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