Unique & Weird Death Stories That Will Send Chills Through You


Death is inevitable. You cannot avoid it or win it forever. What you don’t know is, death can be dramatic. It can show up at your doorstep in the weirdest way possible. You could die while doing your most favourite thing in the world or while just brushing your teeth. Don’t believe us? Check out these weird death stories of people who died in the strangest way possible.

Look out these weird death stories that will send chills through you.

1- Sunanda The Queen Of Siam ( Now called Thailand ) – not saved from drowning because people weren’t allowed to touch her.

Nobody saved The Queen of Siam from drowning because people were forbidden to touch her. She was drowning as her boat collapsed but wasn’t saved even when a lot of people were present during the time of the accident.

weird death stories

2- Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov – died of heart attack at her own funeral

A Russian woman woke up to find herself lying in a coffin, at her own funeral after she had been wrongly declared dead. She was so shocked, she actually died.

weird death stories

3-  Chrysippus of Soli, a Greek philosopher died of laughter overdose

After watching a donkey trying to eat figs, Chrysippus laughed so hard that he actually died.

weird death stories


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