Know What Google ‘Allo’ Is And The Hidden Features Related To It!


Communication apps have become one of the most vital parts of our day to day life. But we are using a lot of apps as all of them have different uses and features. What if we get everything in one single app? With a thought on this, Google created a communication app called Allo.

So What Is Google Allo?What are the hidden features of Google Allo?

Allo is just a messaging app for Android and iPhone users just like a messenger with much more extra features. It is much smarter than other communication apps.

Here are some of the hidden features of Allo which make it different and better than other messaging apps.

1. Google Assistant

This is the feature which really makes it unique from other messaging apps. It provides you information from the internet directly into your chats and that too by understanding your usual chat language. Just for the privacy, it performs certain functions only when you are directly chatting with it rather than in between conversation with any other human being.

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google assistant allo


2. Fun Stuff

If you like to edit the pictures before sending to your friends then this app is for you. As it allows you to draw all over the picture with some cool editing tools, you can deface your friends’ pictures to give them a funny look.


google assistant allo



Image result for Picture editing in google allo



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