Art Teachers Share The Most Disturbing Artwork Their Student Has Ever Submitted


Have you ever heard about disturbing artwork? If not some art teachers share the most disturbing artwork their student has ever submitted them.Remember when we used to make artwork when we were kids when we weren’t restricted by responsibility or the soul crushing reality that nothing you do makes any difference? Well, it turns out they were pretty damn weird. Too bad that the internet didn’t exist during that time, but now there’s a whole generation of kid art to gawk at.

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Check out this bunch of disturbing artwork that these art teachers share with the internet via Reddit and thank them for making us laugh!

1.Oh! I can understand your problem boy! People with OCD and their problem! Or maybe you were trying to be creative. 

Art teachers shares disturbing artwork by students

2.That’s creepy! Kids learn so much from the things they see and play with!

Art teachers share disturbing artwork by students

3.No, no, lots of kids draw things they have gone through or experienced. I’m sure he’ll turn out very well adjusted.

Art teachers shares disturbing artwork by students

4.That’s weird! He didn’t know German but can still speak it? I would have been scared to death!

Art teachers shares disturbing artwork by students 


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