Artist Depicts The Cultural Difference Between Japan And Other Countries And The Glaring Results Will Make You Wish For A Life In Japan


A comic artists’ impression about Japan and the Japanese culture has nudged him to come up with comic strips depicting the cultural difference between the two countries. He has endeavored to portray these comic strips in order to show the cultural difference between the Japan and other countries and also to make people outside Japan aware of the sometimes subtle, sometimes gross difference between cultures of other countries and Japan. This can help people pick up threads of personality and demeanor that they have to sport while visiting Japan. In fact, his rendition of the cultural differences can help others prepare for their visit to Japan without precipitating any awkward situation.

The artist has created over 300 such cartoons between 2012 and 2015 after returning from Japan. However, he himself has selected few from his own collection and posted them on his Facebook page. All these selected cartoons have been compiled in two series – Eva, Kopi and Match & Eva, Kopi and Match 2.0. These series are available on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, Google Books and Kobo also.

Some of these differences in cultural ethos are so prominent that they tell quiet jokingly on the western culture. For example the cartoon about clean toilets lays bare the western attitude towards health and hygiene. In fact, it tells that the Japanese have a habit of maintaining sparklingly clean toilets with ample supply of toilet rolls, various types of flushes, bidet control feature, seat warmer et al. On the other hand, the notion of clean toilets in western nations is laid bare by the cartoon that shows used toilet paper lying around and cockroaches and other creatures feasting on the filth.

Some very stunning tells about Japan have been depicted by the cartoon about service charge. It shows that there is no service charge in Japan. Indeed, there is no service charge in Japan unlike many other countries around the world.

Checkout some of Eva’s work below. They surely showcases a lot of habits that people of other countries can adopt.

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