Artist Draws Life After Marriage With His Wife Who’s Totally Different From Him!


An adorable series of comic illustrations about life with a partner who is poles apart from you, and having a loving family can be quite an interesting one. It can depict the various phases of living with your partner and the joyous and sometimes hilarious moments associated with it. It can showcase the happy, but amusing side of a relationship that one can easily relate to.  Such a series of comics has been making the rounds on the Internet. It has been named as the ‘Love Handle Comic’ series and it has already gone viral as of 2018. But the appeal of the comics still draws thousands of audiences daily to them.

This series creator was inspired to draw these cartoons since he himself has experienced life as a boyfriend and then as a partner in a full fledged relationship. He has felt that life has changed a lot after having a partner to share your life with. In fact, he has felt that his conjugal life with his beloved partner has become more colorful after they have started living together. The artist is not new to cartoon series. It is just that this is one of his new series. He has shared the happy moments in the spectrum of relationship as experienced by him, but he does not hide the element of amusement that partner must go through to adjust in a relationship. Some of the cartoons are so extremely relatable to our own lives as boyfriend or girlfriend that you would really feel attached to them. Take for example the urge of the new partners to stay cosy with each other, while the same may look adorable but still letting go of your personal space is not something we get accustomed to that easily.

Below are some of the joyous and amusing moments of a budding relationship, see if you find them relatable as well.

1. Cocoon of warmth

2. Caring like a mother

3. Love waves

4. Always loving

5. Always with you

6. Anywhere you are

7. All we need is love

8. And some adulting 

9. Love knows no inhibitions 

10. Always beautiful 

11. I’ll get the moon for you

12. Stay connected 

13. Kiss some more

14. Love deficiency 

Image Credits: Instagram


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