Artist Showcases Her Love Life Through Funny Illustrations And We Can’t Keep Calm!


They say love is blind and to an extent, the age-old adage surely holds some truth. Being in love is something we can’t put in words. Love makes us do things that we won’t do in general. It is a feeling that encompasses us in whole and leaves us amused with ourselves all the time.

There are little things in our day to day lives that we spend doing with our partners which makes our relationship stronger. Whether it is lazing around the house or doing the chores together – there are more than one ways love can be felt or expressed. We might think that love can only be expressed via grand gestures or huge moments but that’s something we should only leave to books and movies. People who find love in the most mundane things know well that love can’t be set by rules and regulations or comes in a one-size-fits-all criteria. There are endless ways by which one can demonstrate love and its high time we know the importance of same.

Money can’t buy love – Spending some precious time with your significant other holds more meaning than buying them a bouquet of roses. 

Though we might define love differently, this California based artists has a hilarious take on what it likes to be in love. Amanda Oleander found her true love in 2015 and has been portraying her love life through silly yet relatable illustrations ever since. Her artwork has a modern touch and carries a fresh vibe with them that makes you feel the love she shared with her partner. Amanda has a huge fan following as well – with over 800k Instagram followers and a personal website showcasing her artworks, she has a huge social presence.

Below are some of her best works, do check them out and be prepared to feel the nostalgia of young love.


Image Credits: Amanda Oleander On Instagram


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