Artist Shows In Honest Illustrations What Happens Behind The Doors In Every Relationship!


No relationship is perfect, but when two people are willing to stick through the ups and downs in life, it surely becomes one. Artists all over the world have drawn inspiration from the power of love, and why wouldn’t they? It is the after all the greatest power in the world. Love can conquer hatred and hardships and returns your long lost smile. This artist illustrates what actually happens behind the doors in every relationship.

Los Angeles based artist Amanda Oliver portrays what really happens behind the doors in every relationship through her honest illustrations!

1. You cannot escape these cold feet even if you want to. Perks of living togeher I guess!

2. This is definitely one of the cutest moments when he kisses the back. of your hands!

3. Hugs from the back are the best kind of hugs, you feel safe and protected in his arms.

4. Game Of Thrones nights, you definitely got to be together and no cheating!

5. Being a couch potato never seemed so delightful, but when you’re around everything seems beautiful.

6. Yep, you never know when you both feel absolutely opposite temperatures on the same day in the same room.

7. Anywhere is comfortable as long as he’s around and wrapped up in your arms.

8. Cuddling each other can 100% make you feel super fresh the next morning.

9. As a plant needs water to grow and feel relaxed, your partner needs love and affection too when he’s feeling really low.

10. Constant effort and affection for each other makes a relationship stronger. You just can’t hope that your efforts will not be required. Love is a two-way street.
behind the doors
11. Yep, if you want to be together for a really long time, you definitely need to get used to these prickly legs.
behind the doors
12. This is definitely the most beautiful moments in a couple’s life, I pray that all lovers be together to see this day in their lives.
behind the doors
13. You never really know how much they love you until they bare the child in them open in front of you.
behind the doors
14. Sometimes, doing absolutely nothing can seem like a fun thing to do too!
behind the doors
15. I guess every couple does this!
behind the doors


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