The Evolution Of Relationship Over Time. These Are The Stages Every Relationship Goes Through.


The evolution of a relationship is something that you always live in but never realize. Relationships are never always fully formed. It’s you who give it a shape, once you and your partner get together. You continue to grow, you see ups and downs, you even go through the most difficult phase of your life, and a relationship has it all. Some are able to make it through the tough times like a boss and there are some who end up getting separated from each other. You may or may not be always in long term relationships but there are some phases every relationship has and this evolution of relationships will perfectly show you the changes we all go through.

Let’s take a look at the evolution of a relationship and how it changes over time. If your relationship and sizzling chemistry have changed, do not worry as it’s absolutely normal.

1. First Contact

We all love to remember how we met for the first time and it’s a very special feeling that always make us smile. It may not always be an eye contact, it can also happen virtually: a profile photo on social media or dating apps, a magazine etc. The first contact does not always immediately lead to romantic interaction.

evolution of a relationship

2. Romantic feelings/ passion of new love

The second evolution happens at this phase. This is the love that romantic novels are written about. Did you ever wonder why they end when the guy and girl finally get together and marry? It’s because that’s the exciting part. It’s the stage when the person whose presence makes your heart jump, and whose touch makes your body quiver. You can’t sleep at night and you keep thinking about your lover constantly. You always want to be with them and never want to be apart.

evolution of a relationship

3. Physical attraction

Physical attraction: The third evolution. We know that romantic love is driven by testosterone and estrogen. It creates strong physical attraction and In this phase of love, endorphins soak your brain and you’re immersed in intense pleasure. In this stage, the hormones dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin are racing through your body and brain. A strong bond begins to set in. Many people get married during this stage thinking that it will be this way forever.

evolution of a relationship


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