Artist Turns Deep Truths Into Charming Comics, and They’re Adorable


The world is a truly fascinating and charming place and it never gets over. We live among so many things that mean so much to us and never even realize their importance. But, what if they were alive like the toys in Toy Story? Wouldn’t that be fun watching them work like us and talk like us? A Columbian artist Andres Colmenares makes this possible. No, he doesn’t bring stuff to life, he makes everyday objects come alive by his art. These arts he makes are really charming because all the things are same as us but with their special properties.

Below are some of Andres Colmenares works that are really charming:

Coke as kids.

Everyone learned it the hard way, right? Let these cute cold drinks do so as well.

Every story has a dark side.

Or turtles looking from the dark.

The real reason why clocks have that design.


So, these were noise cancellations all along. Pretty good technology.

The ocean is a bright place.

You can’t light candles in the water now, can you?

Things we do for love.

I don’t know that after seeing this I would be able to throw my dog’s ball. I’m not so sure anymore if dogs even like that.

The Solar System kind of Horror.

Smart comics that also show how we’re responsible for destroying our planet.

If cubes were real people.


I can feel me talking to my crush just from this image.

Precautions first.


If favor is taken it must be returned back. More like ‘A Lannister always pays his debts.’

That’s the secret recipe?

Never knew helmets made sushi so amazing.

Hmmm… I know what’s happening here.

Looks like someone is going to get s3x education.

Smart WiFi.

A really good comic to show how kids nowadays aren’t interested in real sports anymore.



The time when you can be comfortable with your partner is when you know it’s real.

The family pack.



I have been relating to this situation forever.


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