People Choose This Tattoo Artist Because She Can’t Draw And The Results Are Hilarious!


Every once in a while you get this weird craze of getting a tattoo, and you probably look for the best place to get it. But, would you go to a tattoo artist who absolutely can’t draw? Probably not, right? But, it looks like people are crazy about this tattoo artist who is famous for her worse tattoos, yet, people come back for more!

Helen Fernandes’ tattoos are so bad that they’re good and people keep coming back for more!

1. Well, looks like Pluto is the happiest not being a planet anymore and Sun itself looks really in pain in this heat!

tattoo artist
2. That crab is probably the cutest and the most innocent crab I’ve seen. No, crabby, you don’t really scare me off1
tattoo artist
3. Is it just me or you too find this crocodile extremely cute? Well, now I know why do people come here to get there tattoos done!
tattoo artist
4. An exact representation of what the cats think of 24*7, Yup, I absolutely hate cats!
tattoo artist
5. For somebody who really is a clumsy fellow and often falls down and scraps their knees. A permanent band-aid!
tattoo artist
6. Okay, this is less scary than the previous kitty, I guess this one likes its owner, maybe?

7. An acute representation of how my life is going right now. I wish I could get this tattoo done.

8. Not the flower vase tattoo that I’d want, but then again creativity is the key!

9. Okay, this kitty looks really nice and cute, I could definitely try and pet him.

10. These suckers keep getting lost no matter how many times I buy a box of them, oh well, looks like I’ve got one permanently attached to me right now.

11. I think they’re really heading towards a cuddle party competition. Good luck fellas! You look absolutely adorable!
12. Cause we all need a unicorn in our lives, that too in the form of a really bad tattoo!


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