Artists Illustrates Her Life With Beau And Cats And The Results Will Leave You In Splits


Life in a long term relationship stays full of unusual experiences that we can choose to enjoy if we are open enough to see the humor in it.
Spending all your time with your partner often warrants a comfortable lifestyle that is sans of any pretense and fake adjustments.

A UK based artist Sarah Graley has chosen to document her daily adventures with her ‘cat-like’ boyfriend and their four cats Toby, Pesto, Pixel and Wilson in a series of hilarious comic strips and the results of the same is downright hilarious.

Sarah’s comic diary ‘Our Super Adventure’ showcases how she finds humor in day to day activities of life. Life with pets, especially cats always ensures hilarious situations that drive us crazy. Sarah’s work portrays the craziness her boyfriend and her cats bring on her on a daily basis.

According to Sarah, her life has always been filled with adventurous moments with her pets. When she and her longtime beau Stef, thought about moving in together, it didn’t take long for them to get a kitten family on board on their journey.

When Sarah started documenting the little silly moments of her life in ‘Our Super Adventure’, her work garnered instant recognition because people resonated with her art on a personal level. Her life with her cats was relatable for all cat owners and not to mention her mindless moments with her boyfriend that were overly cute as well.

‘Our Super Adventures’ has gained immense popularity over time and people now follow Sarah’s nerdy escapade religiously and praise her for her accurate presentation.
Her first book is also due for release in early 2019. And she has signed a contract with ONI Press for her second comic book as well.

We have compiled some of her best work below. Do check them out and tell us whether you find them relatable as well.












Image Credits – Our Super Adventure



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