15 Awful Life Lessons That Our Dreamy Disney Movies Have Taught Us


Fairy tales, happy endings, love that lasts forever- yep, Disney movies are like dreams come true, but not all that looks gold is gold. Our Disney movies have ended up preaching us some pretty awesome life lessons but that fact is marred by the equally awful life lessons that they make seem excellent to follow.

Never thought that your dreamy Disney movies were teaching you exceptionally horrible life lessons? Well take a look for yourself:

1. The Little Mermaid– Want a happy ending? Ignoring your parent’s advice is the only way

Go against your parents and tada! Your happy ending is guaranteed

life lessons Disney movies


2. Beauty and the beast– He is abusive and dominant? Nah, that’s just a cover to hide what a super-loving munchkin he is, just endure his crap

Yeah, Belle is the perfect example. Keep mum in the face of his abuse, stay with him like forever.life lessons Disney movies


3. Practically every Disney movie– Chasing after women is all that glorifies men

There is no higher nobility

life lessons Disney movies



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