These Are The Most Awkward Celebrity And Fan Encounters In History! 


A celebrity can sometimes be weird. His fan can be weirder than that. But what happens when both of them collide? Does the weirdness cancel each other? Or does the weirdness spawns hilarious encounters?

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1. She Wasn’t Leaning In For A Peck On The Lips Brand! 

Encounters celebrity fan


Talk about misreading the signs!

2. John Stewart Is Just Isn’t In The Mood For Peace Signs. 

Encounters celebrity fanvia

They have to do the same thing over and over again. No wonder he’s pissed.

3. Why Didn’t You Warm Him About The Double Flash? How Could You Do This To Him? 

Encounters celebrity fan

Or maybe Nick had too much to drink.

4. Oh Wow. Look, A Superman Shirt Under Your Formal Clothes. Look How Surprised I Am By That Completely Original Trick. NOT! 

Encounters celebrity fanvia

Christopher Reeves looks peeved. Rip Superman.

5. Hugh Grant Looks Like He’s Had Enough Of It. 

Encounters celebrity fanvia

Probably the most awkward celebrity fan encounters ever!

6. Did Peter Andre Ask For It? 

Encounters celebrity fanvia

Why does the fan take it to the extreme and makes the celebrity feel awkward af?

7. Britney Spears? Looks Like Britney Fears This Man To Me. 

Encounters celebrity fanvia

Or maybe it’s that disaster of an eye makeup she’s wearing.

8. One Of These Two Is Having The Time Of Their Life. The Other One’s Katy Perry.

Encounters celebrity fanvia

Is math related to science?” 

9. This Guy Goes Around Pranking Every Celebrity He Can Get His Hands On And His Antics Makes Those Encounters Super Awkward. 

Encounters celebrity fanvia 

But Leo is a sport and went along with anyway.

10. Where Are You Hands Biebs? Stop It Right Now Beibs! 

Encounters celebrity fanvia

Award celebrity encounters.

11. You Too Rihanna? What Kind Of An Example Are These Guys Setting? 

Encounters celebrity fanvia

This fan looks like she is enjoying herself though.

12. I’m Not Sure What’s Going On But It Looks Awkward As Hell. 

Encounters celebrity fanvia

Weird celebrity-fan encounters.

13. This Shit Is Getting Out Of Hand. What The Fvck Is Wrong With That Fan. 

Encounters celebrity fanvia

That’s the most disgusting autograph request I’ve ever seen.

14. Her Hand Might Say Roar But Her Face Sure Isn’t Going Gaga. 

Encounters celebrity fanvia

Poor thing is exhausted out of her mind.

15. I’m Starting To Think That There’s Something Wrong With Biebs. 

Encounters celebrity fanvia

Is that how a celebrity greets his pretty fan?

16. I’m Sure Of It Now. 

Encounters celebrity fanvia

This guy has issues.

17. Remember How Leo Was Being Such A Sport To In #9? Well, He Tried Kissing Will Smith. 

Encounters celebrity fan

And Will slapped him. One of the worst celebrity encounters ever!

18. When You Finally Meet Your Childhood Icon. 

Encounters celebrity fanvia

That’s James Blunt having a moment with Hulk Hogan.

19. Kanye Is Definitely Not Feeling It. 

Encounters celebrity fanvia

Poor guy can’t even force a smile.

20. Hey! Don’t Drool On My Shirt! 

Encounters celebrity fanvia



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