These Awkward Texts Perfectly Describe How Tricky Relationships Really Are. 


Relationships can get pretty awkward and these texts are the living proof of that.

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1. When Your Girlfriend Is A Straight Up Sadist. 

Relationships awkward


Godamnit Sarah you killed the guy’s boner with that.

2. Awkward Texts Like These Can Either Make Or Break A Relationship. 

Relationships awkward via

No in-betweens.

3. He’s Deliberately Crawling Under The Friendzone. 

  1. Relationships awkward 9via

I don’t know about her but I’m definitely not “kool” with a guy like that.

4. Relationships Can Be Super Awkward! 

Relationships awkward via

So did they spend time at Pat’s?

5. Guess Who Didn’t Make A Baby That Day? 

Relationships awkward via

Pringles to pregnancy was a huge leap dear autocorrect.

6. This Was Indeed Awkward. 

Relationships awkward via

He’s putting up with your saggy t*ts. Cut him some slack will ya?

7. Wow. You’re Dating An Adult Right? 

Relationships awkward via


8. He Can Always Go Back To Ashley Right? 

Relationships awkward via

Cheaters should be more cautious right?

9. This One’s Amazing xD! 

Relationships awkward via

Relationships which are cute. 


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