You Won’t Believe These Coolest Inventions Were Actually Made By Kids!


We all have that one kid in our family who has so many things to ask. Well, you have been on this planet for a long time and knows everything, but small kids don’t have patience and they wanna know everything. Sometimes their questions are so advanced that even we don’t have the right answers. And when they don’t get answers what do they do? The try to learn by themselves but few kids end up making some coolest inventions that no one would have thought before.

Let’s take a look at these top 13 coolest inventions made by kids. These inventions prove that they are no lesser than entrepreneurs.

1. Crayon holders

We say “necessity is the mother of invention” and that’s absolutely true in this case. At the age of 11, Cassidy Goldstein was facing difficulties while using her crayons because they were broken and hard to hold. She had some plastic tubes which are generally used for shipping flowers, that’s it, she used those tubes as holders and it worked perfectly. This led to the invention of crayon holders. One of the coolest inventions ever!

coolest invention by kids

2. The Water Talkie

Richie Stachowski invented ‘the water talkie’ at the age of 11. He was on a vacation with his family in Hawaii and he thought it would be cool if he could talk to his family members while diving underwater. He started researching underwater acoustics, tested few samples in the family pool, and eventually created the Water Talkie. Later he pitched this invention to Toys R Us, and this water talkie became a huge success.
coolest invention by kids


 3. Trampolines
While seeing the artists performing at a circus, 16-year-old George Nissen was impressed with how the nets caught the artists but he wasn’t happy as the artists were done right after falling down on the net, he wanted to continue the fun by jumping up and down. He came with the idea of “bouncing rig” and kept changing the designs. Finally, he got a perfect design and this is how he invented Trampoline. In 2001, trampolining became an Olympic sport.
coolest invention by kids


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