Billionaire Spends $1.7 Million On Motorhome With Its Own Garage! The Interior Is Even Better!


Every one of us lives in some house which might or might not be fancy. There are many good things about homes that make us live there, like shelter, spacious, has TV, comfortable, etc. But, one big demerit, you always have to go home, the home cannot come to you. Well, if you’re too rich that’s not the case sometimes. There’s a thing called motorhome which is basically like a bus or something, which is like a mini home that is too comfortable and has been used as a luxury by many people. Recently, we got hold of a motorhome that even has parking in it. And the interiors are just fabulous.

Below are some details of the motorhome that has it’s own garage.

Volkner Mobil’s Performance S is the name of the vehicle.

This somewhat looks like the Van Ben 10 used, right?

Inside the 40-foot, you can find a 5-star hotel on wheels!

This is almost like a lounge and it’s too amazing with the interiors.

This almost is like a resort on the Wheels!


Even the driver’s seat is so great, that I’d adjust for that.

There’s a Double Bed in it as well.


Imagine sleeping on this luxury bed while also traveling places.

A Fancy Sink that makes the looks of this even better.

And A Kitchen that comes with all the accessories.


You could always cook on the ride and never stop at restaurants on the way.

It also has a motion-free rack so your belonging won’t go crazy in the ride.


The Bathroom is just so amazing!


You can definitely never expect the bathroom to be so good in a freaking motorhome.

The newest thing, A Garage added as well.

This garage works on an electrohydraulic technology that can fit in anything from a Ferrari to a Mercedes. Just think, you can change the vehicle you’re driving whenever you want!

Well, what does this luxury cost?



This motorhome can be purchased at a price of $1.7 million and definitely worth the money if you were always looking for a ride that you could take away whenever you wanted.


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