These Breakup Horror Stories That Will Make You Cringe Next Time You Hear The Word Breakup!


“I’m breaking up with you.” Is probably the worst possible thing you can hear if you’re head over heels in love with someone. We sometimes deal with it, at times we can’t. But you know what hurts the most? Being lied to. If you don’t want to be with someone, Man up and tell it to the person. What’s the point lying to the person you made promises to? These breakup horror stories are really gonna make you cringe the next time someone mentions breakup. Read on to find out how their partners brutally broke up with them!

Here are 14 breakup horror stories that is gonna make you cringe the next time someone mentions breakup!

1. “I like her better.” Never mind that you broke someone’s heart. 


breakup horror stories

2. Meaning that you weren’t ready for her. Nicely played you jerk!

breakup horror stories


3. Even after being in a open relationship you didn’t have the guts to say it so her face. WOW!

breakup horror stories


4. And then there are boys who are melodramatic AF. You could just say it if you weren’t gonna do it anymore why such a Broadway gesture?

breakup horror stories


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