Childhood Fears VS Adulthood Fears – How we grew up


4. Having a haircut or going to a barber’s shop was our childhood fear but as we grew up, having a “bad” haircut is our adulthood fear.


5. Getting lost in this world was scariest childhood fear. Not being with the known ones made us cry. But being lost is nowadays adulthood fear.
6. As a child we felt awkward when we went to new places. Trying every possible way to not go out and play with stuffed toys and living in own world was the happy place for kids. But as we grew up we wanted to explore new places.
7. We used to be afraid of monsters when we were kids. Giant heads, teeth and ugly faces sacred almost every kid and as we grew up we are afraid of people.

8. Thanatophobia, or the fear of death is a common among kids. Death doesn’t seem as scary as the world out there, and this fact is realised when we grow up.
9. Waking up early and going to school was the toughest thing to do. We always had a little fear of going school, the fear of being scolded by teachers, doing homework. As we grow up, we always wanted to spent more time in college.
10. Separation anxiety is common when young children are starting school, whereas adolescents may experience anxiety related to social acceptance and academic achievement. None of such anxiety is found when we grow up.
Being a child was fun, no responsibility, carefree life. As we grow up, we caught up by many worldly things. Although we can never live that life again but we can revive all those moments by comparing how we used to be and how much we’ve changed.


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