Childhood Fears VS Adulthood Fears – How we grew up


The journey from the childhood to adulthood is amazing in its own way. This journey brings a lot of changes. From the way we dress to the way we think, from the things we loved to the things we feared. Maturity comes when our fears change.

Here are few things which show how are fears changed as we grow out from childhood to adulthood

1. It’s no surprise, considering that most kids don’t like being handled by an unfamiliar person. As a child, of all the fears, the biggest one was of Doctors (especially injections) but as we grew up we are afraid of Doctor’s bills.

Childhood vs adulthood fears


2. While almost every child has an occasional frightening or upsetting dream, nightmares seem to peak during the preschool years when fear of the dark is common. Horrifying dreams were the greatest fear of childhood and as we grew up our unfulfilled dreams became our greatest fear.

Childhood vs adulthood fearsvia

3. Meeting strangers were one of our childhood fear but fear and anxiety of being negatively judged and evaluated by other people is our adulthood fear.



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