Clients Choose This Horrible Tattoo Artist For Her Hilarious Tattoos!


Why do you go to a tattoo artist? Your obvious answer would be to get a memory of something, or something that holds some significance to you. And therefore you would probably look for a tattoo artist who has brilliant tattoo making skills. But, what if I tell you that people deliberately go to a horrible tattoo artist to get their tattoos done!

We wonder why clients choose these horrible tattoo artist? Well, her hilarious tattoos are probably the answer!

Helen Fernandez is a tattoo artist who is really famous for her hilariously bad tattoos. She definitely has the passion, but when it comes to acting skills, well, can’t say much about that!

1. Being too close to the Sun can actually make you really unhappy, but look who’s smiling back there! Hi, Pluto!
horrible tattoo artist
2. If you don’t understand the reference for this tattoo, then I’m sorry we can’t be friends. And fools, please run instead of waiting for everything to be engulfed by the Shadow monsters!
horrible tattoo artist
3. If a crab looks this scarily cute, then I’m definitely down to get one for myself.
horrible tattoo artist
4. Science students, this one’s for you, Bacteriophage, can you actually leave the innocent little bacteria alone? Honestly, get a life you freak!
horrible tattoo artist
5. Looks like Mr. Crocs is having a nice day, or does his face always look like he’s smiling?
horrible tattoo artist
6. What else does a dreamer need except space and a dog who is an astronaut!
horrible tattoo artist
7. An acute representation of what-what the cat is thinking 24*7. I’m so not a cat person!

8. I definitely need to get this tattoo done on me, and for all the clumsy ones out there, this is for you!

9. This cat looks somewhat cute, Idk, I have mixed feelings about cat.

10. For the ones who have absolutely no idea what is going on in their lives.

11. This flower vase looks scary and innovative at the same time.

12. How about we all just fly away? Or bounce away?

13. When your crush keeps asking you for paperclips and so you get yourself a tattoo which reminds you of your connection.


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