Famous Kids Who Have Changed Beyond Recognition!


It seems like only yesterday when these famous kids had just stepped into the industry, some of them literally grew up with us in terms of age. To look back at how they looked when they had their first on-screen appearance to the present day, a lot, quite literally a lot has changed, and it reminds me of an age-old saying, “Time and tide wait for none.”

Have a walk down memory lane with these famous kids who have changed beyond recognition!

1. Zac Efron, the world probably had a crush on him growing up and still finds him a Prince of Distant land. This High School Musical guy definitely knows how to make his fans fall for him.
famous kids

2. Except for her bright and beautiful blue eyes, Elle Fanning is absolutely unrecognizable. Who knew that the little girl from J.J Abraham’s Super 8 would grow up to be such a beautiful young lady.
famous kids
3. Scarlett Johansson, I bet there isn’t one man or woman alike, who is immune to her charms. Scarlett has always been a part of Hollywood from a very young age, we sure do love our Black Widow!
famous kids
4. Remember the curly, cute little guy from Spy Kids? I just wish Daryl Sabara would at least keep his curly mop intact and not change totally!
famous kids
5. Daniel Radcliffe, no matter what role he plays, he’ll always be our Harry Potter.

6. From 90’s famous SitCom, Third Rock from the Sun, to playing a detective in Gotham, Joseph Gordon Levitt has surely made our childhood better!

7. This was my go-to movie an all-time favorite, and honestly more than Edmund or Peter, Lucy was the one who fascinated me. Little Georgie Henley has now grown into this beautiful young lady!

8. Drew Barrymore has grown up in public limelight, starting her career with E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, to numerous movie till date. Drew Barrymore is unrecognizable from her childhood self!

9. Kristen Stewart, though she only got the deserved recognition after the Twilight series, Kristen Stewart was always a part of Hollywood industry.

10. Abigail Breslin started off her career at a very young age with Little Miss Sunshine. All grown up isn’t she?famous kids


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