These Illustrations By The Brazilian Artist Would Want To Make You Fall In Love Again!


Love, what does this word mean to you? To some, it means to keep you company, to some it is a commitment for a lifetime. Well, whatever may your definitely of love be, you’d definitely relate to this, when the love of your life is around, everything seems better. Even the greyest of skies clear out with soothing light when they hold you in their arms. If you are in love or ever have been in love you will surely relate to the illustrations made my this Brazilian artist.

Crislane Passos is a Brazilian artist whose illustrations about love are so beautiful that you’d want to fall in love again!

1. Well, we won’t tell you ever what we’re thinking about, but this definitely is in the list.
brazilian artist

2. Don’t get me wrong, but honestly, that is a way better surprise than an actual human baby. I so need a dog!
3. Men will be, men, honestly, what does it take for you to actually check your stuff before you leave the house or actually run it by your woman!

4. Okay, I’d definitely not do this, but then again that is a hard temptation to resist.
5. Oh, heaven save you, my friend, if she’s mad, you’re going to be in big trouble.
6. Hah! Somebody finally relates to this, so what if we tend to cry during movies, you lot cry over football!
7. Ugh, I hate it when he does this, but seriously can’t even stay mad at him for long cause I legit snatch away his food and gobble it up!
brazilian artist8. I swear, this works like magic, this is definitely one of the best feelings in the world.
brazilian artist9. Annoying your other have is one of the best feelings in the world. The look on his face is precious!
brazilian artist10. Nope, no regrets at all.
11. Hot chocolate and you, best combination ever!

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