People Confess About Mistakes They Accidentally Made During Job Interview.


Preparing for a job interview is a pretty difficult task. Right from wearing formals to organizing all your documents to prepare for the most difficult questions that are asked in the interview. This is what we think and follow, right? Well, let us keep these formulae aside and listen to few people who have totally different advice to give based on what they learnt from their mistakes xD

We all have a dream to crack the desired job interview and get the job. But what can one do when life decides to f*uck things up?! Nothing, that’s right except sitting and watching things getting out of place. Have you heard of a saying” when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade”? Yes! These people followed exactly what the saying says! Things got f**ked up big time for these people but they just laughed at their mistakes instead of mourning for it.

1.The case of forgetting who he was!
mistakes job interview


2.This is what happens when you prepare too much for the interview!
mistakes job interviewvia

3.Who can blame you,bro?
mistakes job interviewvia 


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