These Kids Grew Up As Military Brats And Their Confessions Are Really Loathsome!


Well, some people are really lucky. Then there are people who grow up being military brats!

These people share how life as military brats really was, and it wasn’t always sunshine!

1. Well, I wouldn’t want anything as much as I would want my parents to stay with me.military brats

2. This is definitely hard when you always feel like you’re on the run.

3. I wouldn’t ever want to be married to somebody in the military, I just can’t deal with the separation.True Life: I Grew Up A Military Brat And This Is My Story

4. Okay, it is really cool, it is like you’re omnipresent!

5. Growing up in the military can do that to you definitely. 

6. You need to deal with stupid people and their stupider questions with calm and poise.7. Well, people are living in their own little bubble world. 

8. That is definitely a super perk if you’re growing up as a military kid.

9. Well, the only way that is happening is if you grow up and join the military.

10. This definitely hurts when you are just starting to get attached to somebody and you need to move away from that place.

11. Well, military definitely does that to you sometimes.

12. Haha! What sounds miserable for someone else it totally normal for you!

13. This is what I hate about the military the most.

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14. They really have the ability to turn you on without even trying to do so!

15. Well, men, in general, find intimidating. I wouldn’t blame them we are perfect!

16. Yep, definitely true!

17. This feels really nice, doesn’t it?

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18. Well, I don’t about you, but I don’t want this life.

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19. Oh, dear!

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20. Nowhere, are you happy now?

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