16 Fan Theories About Game Of Thrones That Definitely Make Sense!


Who will sit on that Iron Throne? Who? Game of Thrones, in the literal sense, has taken over everyone’s mind… All one can think about is this one question! People are coming up with their own theories and the series is ahead of the books now! And when the famous J=R+L theory came through, why not the others? There is every kind of insane theory out there! Fan theories are somehow gaining wide popularity, may be more than the actual series? You know, when you have the independence to promote your own imagination… then why not?

Well, here I present to you the most noteworthy of the Fan theories that definitely make sense with the current plot of the Game of Thrones!

1. Cersei becomes the Mad Queen 

With all the power she has now and all her children gone, we can easily believe that Cersei can become the Mad Queen! Driven by the strong emotion of Vengence for her fate maybe, or turn of events the way they have, Cersei has all good reasons to go mad…

Game of Thrones Fan theories


2.  Sansa is pregnant with Ramsay’s child!

With Ramsay’s last words being “I am part of you now”, this one among the Fan theories is not at all crazy and makes actual sense! But, I feel for poor Sansa… This will mean that Bolton blood will come again and Stark flag from North will be taken away forever? Since you know, Jon Snow is not a Stark! Maybe if Bran comes back, or Arya for that matter, but who knows? Right?

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3. Jon marries Dany!

This is the belief of many fans reportedly! This one among the many Fan theories quotes the matrimonial relationship building between Jon and Dany giving both the leverage to conquer Westeros! But again, the question is, in that case, if they be successful in defeating Cersei, who will sit on the Throne?

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