21 Craziest Japanese Inventions Who’s Brilliance Is Impossible To Deny


Japan is known for its inventions, almost always the winner when it comes technology but some japanese inventions, oh god! They came up with idea that would make you both exhale at the sheer brilliance and roll your eyes at the new levels of crazy they succeeded in achieving.

Get ready to roll your eyes at the craziest creative Japanese inventions ever!

  1. Because applying lipstick can be one tough job, right? You may end up making the world map on your face without itJapanese inventions
  2. Maybe the roof will start leaking in the meeting and you get to become the cautious one having that “inconspicuous” umbrella with youJapanese inventionsvia
  3. These won’t make my eyes, brave little soldiers which would still squeeze shut at the sight of the eye-dropper so close, no matter how dead-on centre the drop is aimed atJapanese inventionsvia
  4. This would allow you to croak like a frog as you do inside the bathroom, Mr. Bathroom singer. Sing into this funnel, and spare others the agony of listening to youJapanese inventionsvia


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