15 Last Texts From People Before The Catastrophic Moments


Last texts — It’s honestly pretty eerie to see relationships that lasted years ended in a few sentences. Heated break-ups, emotional farewells and casual ‘checking-in’ messages show how different a final conversation can be. Whether it’s because of death, distance or drawing a line under a something, the realization our relationships are finite is not something we choose to dwell on.

But regardless of the strength of feeling or the effort we put into them, there is always a ‘last conversation,’ or a ‘goodbye.’


Here are some of the last texts listed as follows that are heartbreaking


1.”That’s what friends are for.”

“Two days later I woke up to a call from her boyfriend that she’d committed suicide and my best friend was gone forever.

“I am haunted every day by the fact that I was too caught up in my own s**t to ask her if she was okay too.”



2.”Goodbye mama. It’s heading right for me.”

Jeffrey Hunter saw a tornado approach his way and sent this last text message to his mother. Soon after, the 22-year-old was killed by the calamity when it struck Vilonia, Arkansas on April 27, 2014.



3.”This song makes me HAPPY!”

Courtney Ann Sandford posted this to her Facebook timeline after probably listening to a good song while driving! Just seconds after that she was dead. Her car hit a truck head-on!



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