26 Funniest Love Notes Ever To Be Written By Kids That Would Win Your Heart


What words come to mind when you think of kids? Cute, innocent, right? Instant love, that’s what happen whenever they do even the smallest thing. Such are, funny but cutest-ever love notes from kids carrying their proclamations of love and them professing their feelings & desires that we could as well take some pointers from them.

Ready to be won over by the hilariousness of the cutest love notes written by our romantic kids? Here we go:

  1. She compared you to FOOD! That’s assurance enough that her love is true

cute love notes by kids


2. This one is adjusting, she will settle for “like”

cute love notes by kids via

3. A very apt representation I must say

cute love notes by kids via

4. Quelling future worries of her parents, how adorablecute love notes by kids via

5. He’s afraid, he is in love, he is desperate, oh the turmoil of emotions. Even ready for one-sided love, this one. Cutest love note ever

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