The Dating Stages Of Today’s Tinder Era Every Couple Goes Through


  1. The dreaded confession

Yeah, the realization is enlightening, but confessing that is downright frightening, what if they say no, trample your feelings and wander off your love land?dating stages


  1. And yeah it becomes official

If all went well in the last stage, you officially get the right to drive each other mad, yeah yeah you become a Couple, yep capital C and all. Go stages


You thought that was the last stage, well boo ya! Modern times remember…

  1. Shall I delete tinder?

The most confusing thing to decide. You are in a relationship, he/she is just great… but who has seen the future, huh? And you decide not to take the risk of deleting your dating app stages


  1. Let’s be sensible and keep a spare

And still, you play the swipe game, because who knows when this relationship would fall through. Keeping options in hand is always the best idea.giphyVIA


Not saying that all couples go through these dating stages, some breath their last during the chatting phase or they are too horrified to continue after the first meet or they actually are, truly and absolutely, in love, so much that they to let go of their Tinder addiction. But modern times bud, and here is the reality.


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