This Is What It’s Like To Be Dating A Stripper And No It’s Not What You Think!


What would you do if you found out that your girlfriend is a stripper? Well, many times, people think dating strippers will get them laid anytime they feel like. But, not all men think the same. There are people who genuinely treat them as the person they are not for the work they do!

These boyfriends share how dating a stripper feels like!

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1. It is really really the love that matters in the end!
dating a stripper

2. Because they don’t really know or value a human as they are!3. Okay, so now what?4. I would definitely cut off all ties with them because that isn’t how you treat your bro code!5. Whoa! Some business you people run together! Made for each othe couple.6. Well, would you just look at that! That kind of patience definitely needs to be appreciated!7. Okay, so you’ve mended8.  your ways with it. Well, at least you know what you’re doing!8. Well, things we do for love. Cherish her buddy!9. That is definitely speaking volumes. Have fun to guess which kind!10. Well, I would definitely have tons of insecurities! But then again, if she’s loyal there shouldn’t be any hard feelings!11. Wow, brother! You definitely have a long way to go to become the world’s “best boyfriend”!12. If she really loves you, then money will not really matter much.13. Awww, that’s really so sweet!14. Yeah, but you really need to give her time too you know, or else, you’ll just miss out so much!15. Whoa! That really isn’t what you’d wish for somebody you love.16. I know, how it can feel like. 17. 18. A job is a job right?

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19. It’s okay, someday you’ll definitely return more than what you’ve taken!

20. People like to be the judge of others’ lives!


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