These Quirky Questions To Ask On A First Date Will Surely Get You A Second One.


First dates can be enervating. After you manage to land a date with your crush successfully, the ordeal is far from done. Expensive haircut, Flashy Clothes and you might think that you are all good to set her pants on fine. No Mr. Charmer, a date is not successful unless you both have shared enough, including embarrassing nicknames. Moreover, how you “perform” on your first date decides whether you get a second one or not. Its all about how you talk, what you talk, the simple or quirky questions you ask.

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We have gathered a list of 14 quirky questions that ascertain if you get a second date.

1. When you just got lucky.

“So who else is coming?
Oh, fuck is this a date?”

quirky questions date

2. Cutting the crap.

Teens – “So what types of music do you like?”
The 20s – “So what things do you like?”
The 30s – “So what do you do for a living?”
The 40s – “So let’s not bullshit… do you think I have a shot?”

quirky questions date

3. No jokes? Be you.

“Hey, baby… wanna… kill all the humans?”

quirky questions date

4. Pray she gets it.

“Have you ever had anything on your
ankle you were not allowed to take off?”

quirky questions date

5. When you wanna hold hand without being cheezy.

“Can you beat me at arm wrestling?”

quirky questions date

6. Girls like challenges.

“If you absolutely had to kill our waiter
and could only choose one thing
on this table as your weapon,
which would you choose and why?”

quirky questions date

7. If yes, wife her.

“Do you believe in aliens?”

quirky questions date

8. If she is a F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’s fan, she is gonna take you home.

“How you doin’?”

quirky questions date

9. Now, a dilemma.

“Can I give you Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers?”

quirky questions date

10. Tell her it says she would meet someone amazing today. It’s always an “IDK.”

“What did your horoscope say today?”,

quirky questions date

11. Tinder, Happn, OkCupid.

“What are your three most used apps?”

quirky questions date

12. Always a savior.

“So… How’s the weather?”

quirky questions date

13. Always does the trick.

“If you could have any superpower,
which one would you want?”

quirky questions date

14. We all have opinions.

“Are you a pineapple or pizza supporter
or are you just sad?”

quirky questions date

Planning to go on your first date? I would suggest you ask some quirky questions to your date.

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