“Distracted Boyfriend” Meme Gets An Unexpected Twist!


This Funny Comic Gets An Unexpected Twist To The Distracted Boyfriend Meme.

Meme culture is truly at the core of the web, with the individuals who utilize the internet going over them in any event once in their lifetime. However, in the same way as other patterns on the web, images travel every way with only a few are genuinely cultural impact behind them and becoming ingrained in our memories. An Artist, in any case, chose to treat images, not as a model for different circumstances. But as complete accounts of their own.

Boyfriend meme

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Here’s a glimpse of the comic,
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7. Boyfriend meme

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The “distracted boyfriend” meme went viral from a stock photograph demonstrating a man looking at another lady while strolling with his better half. The photo was a piece of a stock photograph arrangement exhibiting different situations and a few people followed a story out of it.

The site Knowyourmeme, a document that gathers images and clarifies their starting points just as history, has a segment on the same.

“Tumblr user klubbhead posted a compilation of similar photos from the series, featuring the man looking at the same woman at various instances with at the end showing his romantic partner in distress and questioning why she didn’t dump him.”

“Twitter user @akfamilyhomeak posted a tweet featuring a similar scenario but instead showing the two women from the series getting closer to each other with the man being blurry in the background. Later that day, Twitter user @oranforest added a photo to the same series as @akfamilyhomeak, featuring the two women being together with the implication that they got together.”




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