Unbelievable Effects On Your Body When You Skip Shower For 2 Days


Cleanliness is next to godliness. Something that we have been hearing since childhood, and as a toddler we were taught and advised to take bath daily. Having a shower is a daily routine for most of us, but if you’ve always been in rush and skip shower completely or lower your body-washing session, you might want to think again because it will start showing some unbelievable and scary effects on your body. People who are hygiene conscious shower twice a day, but there are some lazy people who don’t even think about it and skip shower on a regular basis.

effects when you skip shower


A human body carries 1,000 types of bacteria, including 40 types of fungus. While most of these are actually good for us, it needs help in fighting other harmful bacterias. Bacteria is also the cause of body odor. In fact, the gasses given off by bacteria can reportedly lead to around 30 nasty smells from one body, now that’s gross. So, just like you don’t skip your meals, make sure you don’t skip a shower, else the effects and consequences might not be so good.

This is what happens when you are just super lazy and avoid shower. The effects are listed below and they are pretty dangerous. So better don’t skip shower

1. You’ll smell very bad 

Your skin is a home for bacterias and germs. And if you skip shower and don’t wash your skin, they will cause a very bad odor.

effects when you skip shower


2. Acne and pimples will start appearing

If you’ve ever gone to sleep without washing your face, then you’re no stranger to the morning surprises. I’m talking about pimples, blackheads, and grease for days. And that’s after just one night of not scrubbing. So imagine the problems that can arise when you skip shower for longer time.

effects when you skip showervia 


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