These Popular Celebrities Actually Became Famous Accidentally.


You will be surprised to know that some of the celebrities never intended to be famous and became stars accidentally. Here is a list of few.

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1. Jennifer Lawrence 

Famous celebrities accidentally


Jlaw started her famous life accidentally as a model. However, she never planned any of it and didn’t even have to work for her first modeling gig. She was simply walking down the street with her mom when a random person asked her to model for his agency.

2. Blake Lively

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A glittering star amongst the various celebrities this beauty was never interested in becoming famous. In fact, she dreamed of attending Stanford University and leading a normal life. However, her brother simply refused it and asked his own agent to take her out on auditions.

3. Ryan Reynolds

Famous celebrities accidentallyvia 

Women across the world would have never known this famous eye candy if he had gone on to become a Canadian mounted police officer as he wanted to follow in his father and brothers’ footsteps. Acting happened accidentally and the rest is history.

4. Charlize Theron

Famous celebrities accidentallyvia 

This famous hot beauty was accidentally discovered by her manager in a bank where she was shouting at a teller. Her showdown impressed him so much that he convinced her to pursue acting as a career.

5. Jason Statham 

Famous celebrities accidentallyvia 

One of the famous celebrities Jason stumbled into acting and has never looked back. Initially, he wanted to have a successful career as a diver and was part of UK diving squad at the 1992 World Championship. He was in desperate need of money and moonlighting as a jewelry salesman when a talent agent spotted him and offered a modeling gig.

6. Miley Cyrus

Famous celebrities accidentallyvia

In her childhood, Miley wanted to be a famous wedding planner. Cute isn’t it? Well, with her family leading the celebrities life it was no wonder that she finally embraced the stage as her life.

7. Tiger Woods 

Famous celebrities accidentallyvia 

Woods was an economics major at the Stanford University with no plans to become famous. He studied for two years when accidentally the opportunity to pursue golf as a career came up and he hasn’t looked back.

8. Toni Braxton

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This famous singer’s story is inspirational for those who lack confidence. Toni was a good singer and never shy in public. One day while she was getting gas she started singing when a music executive accidentally heard her. Impressed he offered her a deal and Toni is now one of the highly sought after celebrities.

9. Bill Cosby

Famous celebrities accidentallyvia 

Bill used to be a bartender while attending university and had no plans of being famous. The bar where he used to work had their regular act cancelled and the stage was empty. Cosby gave the stage a shot and joined the list of hot shot celebrities.

10. Rosa Parks 

Famous celebrities accidentallyvia

Rosa Parks had no idea how famous she was going to become when she was arrested for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white man, on the afternoon of December 1, 1955. The seemingly insignificant act sparked the Civil Rights Movement in America and Parks became immortalized in world history. 

11. Chris Gardner

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Gardner became famous when Will Smith made a movie based on his autobiography, “The Pursuit of Happyness”. Gardner had a difficult life and was living on streets with his son. He was trying for a career in finance without any education or experience when he received a spot on the Dean Witter Reynolds training program. It wasn’t enough for his wife who left him. Now he is a famous motivational speaker, CEO of Gardner Rich LLC and one of America’s loved celebrities. 

12. Doge

Famous celebrities accidentallyvia 

Doge aka Kabosu a rescue dog living in Japan. He became famous accidentally, when his face was stamped on a coin because of an Internet meme. Unknown to the dog’s owner photos of Kabosu were lifted from her blog site and turned into a meme and he became famous. 


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